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Runners Spotlight: Kody Dyke

Kody Dyke, runner laying on the ground on the finish line.

Name: Kody Dyke

How long have you been running:

I have been running races for almost one year now. In fact, first organized running event was the Stars and Stripes 5 K. The same race that is taking place this Sunday!

What led you to start running?

Several reasons, the first was a co-worker of mine asking to train for a marathon with her. At first, I thought she was crazy and just laughed her off, but the more thought I gave to it the more interested I became. I thought “Could I do that?” and it kind of became this question of if I had or could create the mental fortitude required to finish a marathon. I will be honest I still do not know if I can.

I also just wanted a community to be apart of and feel accepted in and I did not know if I would find that in running but I knew it was worth a try. I would like to thank Scott Green for being one of the first people to truly welcome me to the community. Scott had seen me at several events before seeing me at a bodies event and introducing himself. He assured me I would find comfort in the KC running community and spoke of several running groups in the area that would welcome me, KCRC being one of them.

What race do you most look forward to (besides the KC Hustle Run)?

Honestly, I am pumped for the KC Hustle Run and the 30K series. Outside of that I am super pumped for the Yeti Endurance weekend. I just love that stinkin logo!

What is your favorite thing about that race?

I have run Longview several times. It’s familiar, close to home, and that color scheme and logo is just cool as heck!

Is there a race you haven’t done but want to?

There are too many races I have not done to count. A few that I really, really want to do are Little Rock Half Marathon and Key West Half Marathon. Also, all of the vacation races.

Is there a favorite product you use when getting ready for a race or during a race?

Water and Vaseline!! I do use electrolyte tabs during hot races but really it's just trying to maintain some level of comfort while I am running.

Do you have a “night before the race” tradition or favorite prep meal?

I really do not. Big races I just attempt good carbs like multigrain pastas or loaded baked potatoes. One of my favorite pre-race meals before half marathons is chicken piccata.

Do you have a favorite race story?

Each race has its ups and downs. One of my favorite moments on a run was at Hospital Hill early in June whereby all intents and purposes I was dying! I had run Memphis half marathon the week before and did not recover well that week before Hospital. Anyways, early in the race Kyle passed me, I think around mile 5 or so. After he passed me, I continued to struggle just determined to cross the finish line regardless of time or how much I had to walk. With about a mile to go I see Kyle come back into my line of sight and thought well that is strange, he was running strong last I saw him, and he should probably have finished by now. I finally catch up to Kyle with about a third of a mile left to realize he had slowed down to stay with an older female runner who was REALLY struggling. He continued to ask her questions about her state of being all while motivating her with the finish line being soo close. It was just moment of awl for me that he would set aside any personal goal or aspiration to make sure this random stranger was ok and would finish this race (her last half marathon). It spoke a lot about his character. Long story short, I passed his butt and beat him to the finish line.

And then there’s also the one where Will gave me some beautiful hand gestures while I was cheering him to the finish line.

Do you listen to music when you run? If so, what is your favorite running song?

I do listen to music during my runs. I have two very motivating songs that always seem to come on at the right time. Mr. Highway’s Thinking About the End- A Day to Remember and Carry on Wayward Son- Kansas.

Feel free to add anything else you want to share. I would like to add that I am incredibly thankful and blessed to have joined such a caring, accepting, and inspirational group of people in the KC running community. Signing up for the Stars and Stripes 5K last year was one of the greatest things I have done in my life. I am honored to call many of you all my friends and I look forward to making so many fun memories out on the road or trail with you all.

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Karin Velez
Karin Velez
Jul 01, 2023

Love this! Epic photo, Kody!!! 🤣

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