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KCHR Runner's Spotlight: Jami Davis

Jami Davis jumping across an obstacle course.

Name: Jami Davis

How long have you been running:

I attempted cross country in jr high, but decided after getting tripped by an 8th grader, that it wasn’t for me. Other than that, I only ran when a coach made me. I started running by choice about 4 years ago.

What led you to start running?

In April of 2019, The Great Inflatable Race came to KC, and I “ran” it with a few friends (none of us were runners at the time). After that, I decided I wanted to see what a “real obstacle course race” was like and started running while preparing for it.

What race do you most look forward to (besides the KC Hustle Run)?

Other than the KC Hustle Run of course, I look most forward to Highlander Assault: Dark Ages.

What is your favorite thing about that race?

My favorite thing about it is that it’s obstacle course race meets Scottish Highland Games at night, and you get to start and finish to the sound of bagpipes!!

Is there a race you haven’t done but want to?

There are too many races to list that I haven’t done yet but want to! Due to my work and family schedule, it’s incredibly difficult to find overnight childcare and get out of town for a couple of days. The obstacle course race I still look most forward to doing one day would have to be a Spartan race. As for road races, I look most forward to doing my first full marathon next year (I’m fairly certain it’ll be the Route 66 full).

Are you part of any running clubs?

I started out as a member of KCOCR, then found Strong As Oak, KCRC, Kansas City Running Club, and SRTT/MRTT.

What is the thing you love most about running, and the thing you like least about running?

The thing I love the most about running would have to be the community. As a runner/walker (not by my choice), the KC running community has helped me to come to terms with the fact that for now, that’s all I can do. They’ve also embraced my son, welcoming him “into the fold.” The thing I love the least about running currently would have to be the pain I experience on every run due to chronic exertional compartment syndrome.

Is there a favorite product you use when getting ready for a race or during a race?

I swear by Squirrels Nut Butter to prevent chaffing! I’ve also found it helps to soothe chaffing if I forget to use it beforehand, and it doesn’t stain my clothes.

Do you have a “night before the race” tradition or favorite prep meal?

As boring as it is, I like to foam roll and stretch out my calves and shins (as much as they can be stretched anyway). Anything I can do to possibly reduce my pain is a win in my book.

Do you have a favorite race story?

I was invited to join a team for Ragnar Trail Colorado in June of 2022, and lucky me, I was drawn as our first runner to face the red loop (the longest, hardest loop with the most elevation gain). Thankfully, I ran it during the day, because when I reached the peak of the mountain, without a single soul in sight, “Down with the Sickness” came on. You know, the part where he says “oh ah ah ah ah.” I single-handedly scared myself half-to-death on top of a mountain. I still laugh every time I hear that song!

Do you listen to music when you run? If so, what is your favorite running song?

I almost always listen to music, unless my son is particularly chatty. I think my favorite running song would have to be “Drengr of Ragnarok” by Peyton Parrish. The beat just helps me keep pushing, especially if I’m in pain.

Feel free to add anything else you want us to share:

I feel like my running journey has barely begun. The KC running community has been huge in my learning to give myself grace, getting a diagnosis (chronic exertional compartment syndrome), and FINALLY getting surgery scheduled (07/26/2023). I’m looking forward to the future and being able to “kick off the training wheels,” and not be held back by pain anymore!


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