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KCHR Runners Spotlight: Eddie Grier

Amanda Dopson running on the street during the Garmin Kansas City  Marathon.
Eddie running in the Bill Snyder Highway Half & 5k.

Name: Eddie Grier

How long have you been running?

Haha depends... if that is related to all the sports that I have played most of my life. Running focused: In & Out. However, been fortunate to get back to running competitively for 8 years now.

What led you to start running?

It's more like for myself at least what made me come back to running. Welp, I thought I was completely done with the sport while living in the Kansas City (Blue Springs) area several years ago. I didn't have any life balance & it wasn't working out so I needed something to do. Very little training I jump into a 5k and enjoy it then weeks later to a 10k all races while still living in KC. When me & my wife (Kate) moved back to Manhattan, Kansas a year later I ended up running my very 1st half, The Bill Snyder Half Marathon. That was a game-changer for me

What race do you most look forward to (besides the KC Hustle Run)?

Haha, oh man besides the KC Hustle Run, The Kansas City Garmin Races & this year The I-35 Challenge (Des Moines-Kansas City)! I have been wanting to do that for so long now I'm finally going to do it this fall even though it's 6 days apart. Was originally back to back.

What is your favorite thing about that race?

I-35 Challenge: the travel plus running in two different states, two different cities

Is there a race you haven’t done but want to?

Boston! The History, The Prestige...everything about it. Never in my lifetime did I envision myself running this iconic race. Now pending if everything goes like I think it will go trying to stay cool could be next year April 2024! (BQ at Grandma's back in June)

Are you part of any running clubs?

Manhattan (KS) Saturday Run Crew, Kansas City Running Company, Kansas City Running Club, & KC Hustle Squad

What is the thing you love most about running, and the thing you like least about running?

I enjoy the training for sure! Getting ready for the lead-up to the full marathon or half I really enjoy the process of that. Least favorite running when it's below 30 degrees out! Yes, I'm still putting miles in but it's too cold, & I have run in COLDER, not fun.

Is there a favorite product you use when getting ready for a race or during a race?

Haha, not really. However, I'm a sucker for bananas before, during, & after!

Do you have a “night before the race” tradition or favorite prep meal?

I try to just keep it simple: A good spaghetti dinner or rice with some protein

Do you have a favorite race story?

Hmmm, I actually have one of my favorite's plus a post race story. I'm going to keep things current going back to this year's Rock the Parkway Half (2023) where my mom of course did her thing. She came up to me right at the start line chatting for a bit before I took off, then during the 2nd half of that race I saw Mommy again from the other & of course shouted my name & motivated me to finish! As one of my friends said afterwards to me "you ran an insane race!" That was insane, haha! One of my best half to date.

I also have a favorite post race memory from this year to this point. After finishing Grandma's Marathon a few weeks ago in Duluth, Minnesota several of us from the KCRC this was sort of late but we made a Wal-Mart run & what should have been an in & out trip turned into a good maybe 30 mins for talking & laughing in the middle of the store. If it wasn't late we could've stayed there for another 30 minutes just hanging out, so much fun!

Do you listen to music when you run? If so, what is your favorite running song?

When I started my journey back into running I did a lot of listening to music, then mixed it up with sports/running podcasts and now over the last several months I don't listen to anything. Early morning runs are the best time to go out. You hear nothing but peace & quiet (with the exception of feet making noises) enjoy the miles wherever I'm at on that particular day. Race days are for music: Ludacris, LL Cool J, Skillet (Christian Rock). Skillet definitely sets the tone!

Feel free to add anything else you want us to share: The Kansas City Running Community. I underestimate how valuable the power of community can be. I have been pretty fortunate to have met a lot of good people from whether it's Manhattan or Kansas City to build on those relationships. I'm an introvert but as the same I enjoy talking & hanging out with people. The "old Eddie" would have not done that at all. I'm glad that I have changed for the's definitely true you have to surround yourself with wonderful people & a good support system. In general, ever since I moved out to the Midwest which seems to be a long time ago now, I feel like I have done that...If you get out of your comfort zone you never know what's waiting for you on the other side.


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