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Our Team Roster

Katy ONeill

Creative Director

Katy O'Neill has made Kansas City her home since 1989. Through the lens of her camera, she has explored nearly the whole of KC while working with a variety of clients like Q104, KFKF, and the Mavericks hockey team. With decades of experience, she has captured stunning moments in time while growing her love for this city. An entrepreneur at heart, she realized that the only true place to build a successful and much-loved business lies in America's Heartland. So, she founded Clover Hill Promotions, which has transformed over time to become OKKC, with the dedication and determination to make it bigger than ever.

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Ethan Boothe

Special Interest Writer

Ethan Boothe has lived around Kansas City almost his entire life. Moving from Kansas to Missouri and back again, he's seen numerous things about KC that have delighted, inspired, and entertained him. That's why when he joined OKKC, he was excited to be the Special Interests writer. Because he could share with everyone (who wasn't already in the know) some great things about Kansas City and the people who call it home. With a passion for writing and storytelling, this UMKC student is ready to dive deeper into the city he loves and share his findings with others. 


Kyra Boothe

Social Media, Merch Manager, and Guest Writer

It doesn't take a keen eye for detail to see the history in this beautiful ever-changing city. Fortunately for Kyra, every brick and crack in the sidewalk in Kansas City has a backstory. Finding little bits of culture is one of the most inspiring things to experience for her, and that (among other things) is what sparks her writing. When she joined OKKC, she wanted to ensure that whatever content flowed from her work was genuine to the city's atmosphere because that's what our readers and viewers deserve. Her time as a JCCC student will ensure that she connects with the city's vibrant energy. However, the love she carries for her hometown is what will communicate its beauty to strangers and locals alike. 

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