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Runners Spotlight: Amanda Dopson

Amanda Dopson running on the street during the Garmin Kansas City  Marathon.
Amanda running in the 2022 Garmin Kansas City Marathon.

Name: Amanda Dopson How long have you been running: I’ve been running since I was about 22 years old, so over 20 years! What led you to start running? Someone told me it was a great way to lose weight which I wanted to at the time. Then I ended up just loving running. What race do you most look forward to (besides the KC Hustle Run)? Garmin KC half marathon is one of my all-time favorites! What is your favorite thing about that race? I love fall running, being downtown and the challenge of the hilly course. Is there a race you haven’t done but want to? I have yet to run a full marathon. One day! Are you part of any running clubs? KC Hustle Club of course and the KC Running Company Team. What is the thing you love most about running, and the thing you like least about running? The thing I like the most - running is my zen, my stress relief. What I like the least is summer running. Too hot! Is there a favorite product you use when getting ready for a race or during a race? My favorite pre-race is Whole Foods pre-workout raspberry drink. Huma gels are my favorite during half marathons. Do you have a “night before the race” tradition or favorite prep meal? I like a mix of a protein, brown rice or sweet potato the night before. Lately I’ve been having sushi though too and it’s a great mix of salt and carbs! Do you have a favorite race story? Oh yes. Garmin KC half marathon 2022 I PR’d on just a beautiful fall weather day, was on cloud nine and then got engaged to Will after. Best race day ever! Do you listen to music when you run? If so, what is your favorite running song? I listen to old school hip hop and rap when I race. Nothing gets me going more than Dr. Dre, DMX, Eazy E and Tupac. Feel free to add anything else you want us to share: The running community is great and so supportive. It’s the best!


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