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Runners Spotlight: Allison Moore

Allison Moore running in a race.

Name: Allison Moore

How long have you been running:

Aside from a year of running in high school in 2009 (cross country) I just picked up running in March of 2022.

What led you to start running?

-My lifelong best friend, who had never run a day in her life, wanted to run a half marathon in Oct 2022. So in March we started training from scratch. I intended it to be a one and done deal. OOPS. Sort of fell in love with it.

What race do you most look forward to (besides the KC Hustle Run)?

-I’m really looking forward to the KC half in October this year.

What is your favorite thing about that race?

-I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard the route and the scenery is amazing, and at that time of year the weather should be beautiful as well.

Is there a race you haven’t done but want to?

-I haven’t been running long, so there’s a lifelong list of runs that I want to do that I haven’t yet. I have my sights set on the Disney run weekend though, if I can ever sign up in time!

Are you part of any running clubs?

-I joined KCrunclub in January, and started running with Fridays on the Lawn. I also did a couple brew crew runs with Brad and KC running company. I’ve also tried out a few 816 run club routes. Lastly, I am a part of the all female run group SRTT. It’s really hard to join a running club when you first start out… especially that first time, but all of these clubs have been really welcoming and I have made some lifelong friendships along the way.

What is the thing you love most about running, and the thing you like least about running?

-The worst thing about running BY FAR is this Kansas heat! Last year, as a new runner, I decided to skip out on summer running and stuck to the treadmill. So this year was my intro to heat training and it has been BRUTAL. My favorite thing by far is the feeling of accomplishment doing something that a year and half and 125 lb ago was not remotely possible.

Is there a favorite product you use when getting ready for a race or during a race?

-KT tape, or sports tape has been a lifesaver. Not just for my shins either. If you don’t like chafing (ladies especially), put sports tape on your bra line to avoid chafing. You can also put it on the back of your ankles to avoid getting a blister from your shoes.

Do you have a “night before the race” tradition or favorite prep meal?

-I don’t necessarily have a night before tradition, but for big races I will always eat pasta the night before. Really it’s just because I couldn’t live without pasta. Also, while it sounds weird, I try to make sure my house is clean the night before a big race… It just relaxes me and means my head is clear for the next morning.

Do you have a favorite race story?

-I haven’t been racing too long to really have many good stories. However, I will always be so proud of the fact that my second half marathon (Rock the Parkway 2023) was almost 45 minutes faster than my first (Prairie Fire in Wichita 2022). It was by no means fast… but I worked my butt off and trained hard, and I ran the first 11 miles without walking, which blew my mind.

Do you listen to music when you run? If so, what is your favorite running song?

-In a race, yes, I HAVE to listen to music. It keeps me focused. If I’m running with friends, I always have my headphones on, but almost always forget to actually turn on music because we get so into the conversation. I try to mix up my playlists each race, so it’s all different. I will listen to anything from country to rap. However I have found that the best song to cross the starting line for me is “Feel like a woman” by Shania Twain. As your crossing the starting line you will hear “Lets go Girls!”. It’s definitely a vibe. Then, I like to hear “Till I collapse” by Eminem as I’m crossing the finish line.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

-Running has literally saved my life. While it started as a weight loss journey, It has turned into so much more. I’ve made so many lifelong friends. Back in January, I wanted to give up on running. My only running friend lived in Salt Lake city. Then I joined Fridays on the lawn, then SRTT, and since then, I don’t think I’ve done a single solo run. Running has become fun, and I have gained so much confidence and am finally aware of my worth. All this because one day in March of last year, I signed up for a half marathon that I was sure to back out of before race day.


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