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Introducing, KC Stronger

To put it poetically, the spirit of Kansas City can feel as electrifying as a summer storm with sounds like thunder rolling over the midwestern plains. It can be a wondrous sound, like the victorious championship horns in the sports stadiums. Or it can be horrific, like overflowing rivers finally spilling over their banks and flooding KC during a storm. When a great moment occurs, the city can band together to celebrate. But when a distressing moment occurs, a select few are the ones to lead the charge towards a better future for all of us. Those select few are whom we cover in KC Stronger. They can be anyone, from single individuals to large nonprofits. We want to shine a light on those who lead their neighborhood in a better direction and pick up the pieces when thunder rolls over the plains again. Big or small, city-wide or a single street, wealthy or paycheck to paycheck, it doesn’t matter. What matters is effort, dedication, and heart.

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