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Hope, When All Seems Hopeless. 
At three years of age, Braden Hofen was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma.

Deliece Hofen tells the Back of the Pack listeners what she and her family did when they were told there was no more hope for her son, Braden.


Braden has not been diagnosed with cancer, not one, not two, but three times with childhood cancer, the leading cause of illness-related deaths under the age of 18. The sad reality is that only 4% of funds donated towards cancer research go to childhood cancer. 

After finding out this sad truth, Braden's Hope was established. Since then, they have been able to raise and fund over $4.7 million in grant research.

With your help and the help of others, the good people at Braden's Hope are trying to prevent any more parents from hearing that there is "no known cure" for their child. 

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