Westport St. Patrick’s Day 4 Miler

Updated: Mar 27

Four miles is such a strange distance to run. It’s not much more than a 5k, but that difference in- between the 3.12 and the 4.00 can really get your attention. If you run enough 5k’s, your body just knows when it is supposed to be done. The last part of the race becomes mental. The more you good folks get to know me, the more you will learn that “mental” is not the strongest part of my game!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first after action report for the Back of the Pack Podcast! Your host Kyle here. It was yet another running of the Westport St. Patrick’s Day 4 miler for me this morning. This was my fifth time running this particular race. The course has changed over the years, but the atmosphere is still the same. The race takes place in Westport. Before the development of the Power and Light District, Westport was THE place to go for your drinking and partying needs. The race starts right at the intersection of Westport Rd. and Pennsylvania. Right by Kelly’s Westport Inn. One of my most favorite bars!

This year brought a new challenge to us. It was COLD! I know we are just in early March, but this was probably the coldest temperature in which I have run this race. We started out at an ever so chilly 17 degrees fahrenheit. Yes, I am putting in the fahrenheit vs. celsius, just in case we get this podcast rocking globally! Due to the extreme cold with the temps dropping into single digits the night before the race, ice was a real problem on the course. Thankfully I never saw anyone hit the deck, but there was some definite side stepping going on out there as people danced around the hazards.

My race? Well I did okay. It was not the fastest I have ever done this course, but it wasn’t the slowest either. This was actually my first race since November. On 11/07/2021 I completed the TCS New York Marathon. After running a marathon, toeing the line again was not a high priority on my list. There are definitely some ups and downs on this course. It is not flat. For those of you outside the area, people will always try and convince you that the Midwest of the United States is flat as a pancake. It is not. The turn around at the mile two marker is a great down hill run. The problem is that then you have to come back up the same hill! It is brutal and will definitely have your legs burning. The course is not overly clogged. Sure it is a little shoulder to shoulder when you start out, but folks separate pretty well within the first mile. After that, you are free to run your race!

I know through social media that finding course monitors and volunteers was quite the challenge for this race today. Thankfully though as a runner, I would have never known. The course was well monitored, the aid station was staffed, and as far as I could tell, there were no issues during the race. A testament to the race organizers.

For another year, I enjoyed myself. I threw on all the green running attire that I have and had a nice little jaunt through the streets of Westport, Kansas City, MO. Overall this race gets 4 out of 5 sneakers. I just made that up. I like the rating system though. My only complaint falls on the city and not the race, but the potholes on that course could have swallowed children!

Our next race is going to be quite the bigger challenge that I am not ready for! In two weeks we will be in Liberty, MO for the Liberty Hospital Half Marathon. Definitely one of the top five most difficult half marathons in this area just due to the HILLS! EEEK! We will be there with sneakers laced and charged headphones! Thank you all very much for reading and supporting the show.

Until next time, always remember that distance running is like a mullet. Business in the Front and Party in the Back! We always love the party in the Back of the Pack!

Be Well,