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Welcome to the Club!

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!

Welcome to the January 2023 KC Hustle Club newsletter. We are so excited that you are here with us. This is our very first newsletter, so bear with us as we get this bad boy ironed out. For those who may not know me, my name is Kyle Walker. I am the Host of the Back of the Pack Podcast. Kind of the parent company of the KC Hustle Club. I have been running here in the Kansas City area since October of 2010.

I took up running to deal with divorce stress and I just never gave it up. The running that is. I never gave up running. I gave up the divorce stress a long time ago. My first official race was the Great Santa Run in December 2010. Since then at the start of 2023 I have completed 116 5k’s, sixteen four mile races, thirty-four 10k’s, forty-five half marathons, eight full marathons, and four misc. Distances. So I have been out on a few race mornings.

I started the Back of the Pack Podcast simply because of how much I enjoy just talking about running. I am never going to be a fast runner. I will never be first overall. I enjoy the experience. I enjoy race morning, and I enjoy the camaraderie of all my fellow runners.

Enough about me! Let’s talk about us! Born out of the fun we’ve been having with the Back of the Pack Podcast, we have now launched the KC Hustle Club! We are so excited to offer this new way for runners of all shapes and sizes; runners of all speeds, paces, places, and distances; to come together under one banner! We are all about the positive aspects of running. The overall sense of community. Runners are the most supportive people I know, so we thought that bringing them all together would be a wonderful way to just keep a steady stream of positivity in all of our lives!

As part of this club, you will get your t-shirt. If you haven’t already. I hope you wear these shirts at whatever race you are running. Make sure you get that picture. Post it, tag us, let everyone celebrate your achievement.

Social media is of course a big part of how we operate these days. We want to see you! Make sure you tag us in anything you do and want to celebrate. Our Social Medias are easy to find:

Instagram: @KCHustClub

Facebook: @KC Hustle Club

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