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Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day 5k Action Report


Time to Gobble till you Wobble! It is Thanksgiving Day! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your Holiday is a great one! As for the podcast, for the last several years we have been starting our holiday off with a 5k. We do this 5k with our good friend and family from Team Fidelis. We present the flag every year at the start of the race, so that was my first and foremost duty on race morning.

There are about three big Thanksgiving Day races in the Kansas City area. I don’t know which one is the most attended, but boy howdy do people sure come out for a race on turkey morning! It is impressive each year. The Ward Parkway race offers both a 5k and 10k. Both races are full to the brim with runners. As for me this year, I elected to do the 5k as did one of the Back of the Packettes. Nothing like a little father daughter holiday racing. Not that I saw her after the race started. A thirteen year old girl can sure weave in and out of the crowd better than a forty-two year old podcast host.

The race is nothing new and different. I have run this course MANY times. If you have done Four on the Fourth, Rock the Parkway, Corporate Challenge, and or the Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day run, then you have done this course. It is an old familiar around town. The first mile is all downhill and then flat. It is a great way to start a race. Mile two is mostly flat, with a little uphill at the end. Mile three is a friggin roller coaster of ups and downs, and maybe even a loopty loop! In just this last mile you have two horrid uphills and one very lovely downhill. There is nothing flat about that last mile though, so be ready for some ups and downs!

You can’t take this race seriously. Unless you are an elite runner at the front of the pack, you aren’t getting a PR here. It is too full, too crowded, and people will be in your way from start to finish. Who wants to PR a race on Thanksgiving anyway? Not me. Since I was just four days removed from a half marathon, I will gladly take my thirty-three’ish minute 5k and go on about my holiday. The next stop for the Back of the Pack turkey day was for our annual football game. For me it has been over twenty years playing in this game. No race or tired legs will let me miss this!

Over the years, what was once a tightly contested and competitive game amongst all my long time friends has turned into a chance for all of our families to get together on a Holiday. The kids have taken over “caring” about the football game. As for us once proud football players, we throw the ball to the kids and make sure everyone gets a catch and a touchdown. We hug our way out of the park and everyone heads home to the showers and their meals. It is my most favorite holiday tradition!

We shall race again in December, but as for now and this race report. A Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Enjoy your friends and families. I am so very thankful to all our listeners and supporters. You all make it very easy to do what we do!

Happiest of Holidays,


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