Stars & Stripes 5k After Action Report

Stars & Stripes 5k - Overland Park, KS. 7:30am Start Time

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! We hope you have a happy and safe celebration this weekend! It is a two-weekend race for the Back of the Pack Podcast. It felt very odd that our first of two races was on a Sunday morning, but here we are! This morning was the Stars and Stripes 5k. This was just my second time doing this race. The course was basically the same course we did last month at the Heroes for Hospice 5k, just backwards. So we knew exactly what to expect.

Good Crowd for this week. Now credit where credit is due. This was a KC Running Company race. I lit them up two weeks ago for the restroom situation at the Father’s Day SuperHero 5k. They certainly rectified the situation at this race. I was talking to some race folks and found that KC Running Company paid AMC Theaters a nice chunk of change to open up their theater lobby and let the runners use their restrooms before the race. Of course, movie theaters are fully equipped to handle crowds needing the facilities. So well done to KC Running Company for taking care of the restroom situation and the AMC Theater at Prairie Fire in Overland Park for working with the race and allowing the runners use of their theater even though it was not their usual business hours.

This was a STEAMY morning in Kansas. The temperature was relatively low, about 72 at race time. The problem was the humidity. Humidity was at 88% this morning. If you are not living in the mid-west and maybe live in a dryer environment; 88% humidity means that you will break a sweat before you even think of going outside and leaving the air conditioning.

The sweat level of this race was next level. By the aid station halfway through the course, my shirt did not have a dry spot on it. Due to my race attire being quite patriotic for this week, I was actually running in some fourth of July-inspired swim trunks. Thank goodness for that, because they were getting just as wet as if we had jumped in a lake! My headband was a useless accessory this morning. The band was soaked and sweat was pouring into my eyes by the first mile marker. By the end of the race, my running turban was drenched and water was dripping down my back. Too much information? Ha, this is me holding back! Needless to say, the humidity did a number on some of us.

Overall though, even with the weather being what it was, I will take a morning like this any time. Cool’ish, really humid, and cloudy. Had the sun come out, this would have been a terrible and tragic tale of woe. We lucked out with the overcast skies. You can find the pictures of the race along with this blog. Let me explain a couple to you.

The picture of host Kyle with another gent. This is William! You heard William a few weeks ago on the podcast for Braden’s Hope. William is the race director for the Hope on the Hill 5k/10k. This beast is getting ready for the Garmin Kansas City Marathon in October. No doubt he is going to crush it! More on the Garmin Kansas City Marathon to come.

Next, our friend holding up the Back of the Pack Podcast shirt is Mark! Mark has been down with the podcast since day one. A great friend of the show. Mark has brought more listeners to the show than anyone else. Even more than host Kyle! He is a great ambassador for the show, so it was our pleasure to hook Mark up with a show shirt! You can find Mark in his new threads at the Gardner PD Law Dog 5k/10k next weekend on 07/09/2022. Host Kyle, the Back of the Packette’s, Mark, and maybe even producer Katy will all be at that race! We hope to see you there!

A fun morning at the Stars and Stripes 5k! Thank you to Kansas City Running Company for a fun race and a great medal! The medal will get posted for Medal Monday.

Next up is Four on the Fourth at Ward Parkway Mall in Kansas City, MO. No rest for the wicked as it is just a mere nineteen hours from the typing of this blog entry. Find Host Kyle at this race and say hello! Have a great Sunday! We’ll see you Monday morning!