RWC After Action Report

Some days you’re the bug and some days you’re the windshield. Today, I was the former. As I was flying my little bug self along, I ran headfirst into the windshield that was the 2022 Running with the Cows Half Marathon and went SPLAT!

I enjoy this race. I always have. I always forget how hard it is! This is NOT an easy race to run. This year we ran into the triple threat of good race deterrents. Difficult Course. Hills, and Heat! Now of course the race bears no responsibility for the weather. If there is any negativity coming through in this blog post, let me assure you it is unintentional. The heat though today, almost left me in a medical tent.

The whole town of Bucyrus, KS shows up for this race. Bucyrus is a town about 15-20 miles outside of the Johnson County area. About a 45-minute drive from my home. A beautiful little town that I would certainly love to live in someday. The race raises funds for the Holy Rosary Wae School and Church I do believe. This was the race's 13th year of running. As I mentioned before, it was said that this will be the last time they do it. There are those who feel that this race may yet be saved. We’ll learn more about that as time goes on.

Small town feel equals some very nice people. Everyone out there waves, says hello, and is there to support you—the folks in the town cheer all along the course. People watch the race from their front porch. It really is a different kind of race if you are used to running in very Urban or Suburban areas. This is full-blown Rural. I love it.

The race itself hasn’t changed much. The course is difficult with hills and a serious lack of shade after about mile five. Be ready to roast on a hot day like this one was. With the temperatures soaring, the town kicked into action. They were not waiting for you to get to aid stations. They were bringing the aid stations to you. Folks were out in their ATV’s racing up and down the course to hand people bottles of water. It made a huge difference as I was really struggling along and severely dehydrated. This is an example of what really sets this race apart from others in my eyes. You are going to be taken care of at this race.

The support is great. The course is challenging but rewarding, and the post-race festivities are always fun. There is food and places to take pictures. This year there were even some live cows you could get a photo with. The finisher medal was good, the t-shirt was pretty standard, but hey! At least they have shirts and medals! Breaking my three-week streak of medal-less races.

You’ll want to tune into the podcast to hear about my experience with the race. It is not a reflection on the Running with the Cows race. It is just about my personal experience. I think everyone with RWC and the good folks in Bucyrus, KS do a great job! They are the reason I keep making the long drive year after year. I appreciate their efforts and I really do hope that this race can be saved!

Maybe next year, I’ll run the 5k. It would be nice to finish the race and NOT hate everything about life as I limp, gimp, and otherwise slither to my car. A heap of a man. Sunburned and exhausted! Thanks for reading all! ~ Kyle