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Rexy Run 2022 After Action Report

What a beautiful day for a race! Mid-August is being mildly kind to us as temperatures have finally come back down. Gone are the days hovering around 100 degrees. This morning heading out to Lawrence, KS., my car showed me sixty-seven degrees for the temperature. That is not too shabby right there.

I hope you heard the interview we did a few weeks ago with Erica and Kristina. These two tireless workers were just a blast to talk to and put on one hell of an event. It was absolutely MY pleasure to be out there this morning for the 2022 Rexy Run 10k.

It was also great to see so many fans of the show and people we have worked with before. It makes me so happy when someone yells “Back of the Pack!” at me! Makes my whole morning. If you see me out there, make sure you yell! Not because I want the loud attention, but because I probably have my headphones in and can’t hear you if you just say hello. Ha!

I will be curious to hear how the numbers looked for Rexy Run. From my eyes, it looked like a very well-attended run this year. There were a few faces missing though. I’m looking at you, William!

It warms my friggin heart though how the City of Lawrence, KS comes out for this event. There are people there who I see at EVERY race I do in Larryville. Knowing Kristina as I do, people would run through brick walls for her. Myself included. So showing up to run a race for her instead of running through an actual wall seems like a win/win to me! The cause is great and the support is great, so this event is always one of my favorites of the year!

The course was changed slightly this year. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the change made to the 10k course, but honestly, it was pretty small potatoes. If this new course somehow makes their lives easier, then I am all for it. There is one thing you have to know about Rexy Run’s course. You are going to sweat! Yeah, it was a nice morning, and yeah it was not as hot as it has been, but you are still going to sweat buckets on this course, and here is why.

The Baker University Wetlands. You run through the wetlands in Lawrence, KS. A low lying area filled with tall grass, various plants, standing water, and 100% humidity! Why is it important that it is low-lying Kyle? I am glad you asked my wonderful reader. Being so low-lying means one thing. NO BREEZE! There is not a breath of fresh air down there. The wind doesn’t move. The sun just heats the stew, and you start to boil like a lobster in a pot! Hey, it’s pretty though! Once you get out of the wetlands and feel some fresh air hit you, you are a rejuvenated runner! This is the part that separates the men from the boys here. Ladies, I don’t have a good analogy for you here. You are not men nor boys, so I got nothing. You ladies showed no mercy as I was getting passed in the wetlands like I was standing still! Y’all rock!

Even with running through a natural sauna, I love this race. I will be back next year, and I sure hope that you all will consider joining me! Erica and Kristina are some awesome chicas and I cannot say enough good things about them. Go check out Baby Jay’s Legacy of Hope on Facebook and consider them when determining your donation dollars that you might want to spend. We’ll be back in LFK in August 2023 for #RexyRun23

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