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Plaza 10k After Action Report


Here comes one of the premier races in Kansas City. I remember running the first Plaza 10k way back when. It was a cold rainy morning and I didn’t know if that race would ever be run again. Boy was I wrong! This race has to be the biggest 10k in this town at this point. Everyone who runs comes out for this one!

This was the first race in the Heartland 10k Series. That is three 10k’s in three weeks. It starts with the Plaza 10k, goes to the Hope on the Hill 10k, and ends with the Great Plains 10k. This is my first time even doing this series! So I was ready to get going.

I was worried after running a 5k the morning before. I was fearful that my legs were eventually going to give out a bit. I was right on that one. In the last mile of this race, I could feel my legs getting heavier and heavier.

So how did I make it through and not completely collapse? My new buddy the Pacer! As I was cruising along around a mile and a half; I happened upon a Pacer running all by herself. She recognized the shirt. She had heard the podcast before, so this of course made me happy as could be. We talked for a while. We kept talking. We just kept running and talking. Before I knew it, we were over four miles deep. With about a half mile left, my new friend Amy had to run ahead to reach her pacer time. It was sure nice having company for the vast majority of that race. Once she left, I could feel that my legs were on E. It ultimately led to the not-best time once I crossed the finish line.

Hopefully next year there are no other races that weekend that I want to do. I’d like another shot at that race with some rested legs. I finished up at 1:22:20. Not terrible. I will always take under an hour and a half. I’d like to get on the other side of an hour twenty. Thankfully over the next two weekends, I will have the chance to do so with the remaining legs of the Heartland 30k series.

We really could not have asked for a better morning in Kansas City for this race. We started with clear skies and cool temps. There was even a little rain the night before to clear off the road for us. I came across a lot of fans of the show while I was out there. From Pace Melissa who I saw at the start, to Pacer Amy who I ran with, and several friends of the show in between. It was a fun morning and this race has become a race that I intend to do on a yearly basis.

Next week is the Hope on the Hill 10k. You’ll remember our friends from Hope on the Hill as they came on the show with us a few months ago to talk about their race. I am very excited to continue the series and catch up with our buddies.

Until next the next starting line my friends,


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