Patriots Run 5k


Well this was a new experience. This was my first time running the Patriots Run 5k. This was held at the T-Mobile Campus (formerly Sprint Campus) in Overland Park, KS. I like this race as it is held around 9/11 to honor those we lost on 09/11/2001. This always makes events like this emotional. This was a standard 5k….or was it? There was definitely a twist!

There was one timing mat and five different distances. This was interesting to me. This race offers a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, and an Ultra. What they did was bring everyone to the timing mat. Then they walked the 5k’ers 0.10 miles back. The 10k’ers 0.20 miles back, etc. Then they watched the clock REALLY close. At the stroke of 9:11am the horns sounded and everyone was off. What an interesting way to start the race! Everyone’s time started at the same time, and then you just did loops until your distance was done. For me and the 5k it was just two loops.

The course itself isn’t too bad. Some uphill and some downhill. Nice flat spots in between. Nothing can be done about the weather though. It was a warmly day as you will normally get in Kansas in the early stages of September. This was a free race for me, so that was nice. I ran this race on behalf of Team Fidelis. A Veteran Outreach program I helped found in 2015. Team Fidelis helps service members and their families in the fight against Veteran Suicide. A worthy cause to be sure, so I ran this race in my Team Fidelis gear and left the familiar Teal of the Back of the Pack Podcast at home that day.

I am always thankful when a race measures pretty close to correct. I measured this one at 3.09 miles. I guess I should have taken a few steps backwards before the race started. My time was a good one for me. I finished with a chip time of 34:53 with an overall pace of 11:17 minutes per mile.

There isn’t much to report on this race. It is solid. Definitely a race I will do again. Maybe next year I will go with the 10k and just keep working my distances up over the years.

To be fair, they do offer a full marathon relay. I think we might need to do a Back of the Podcast Marathon Relay Team next year. If you read this and want in on it, then let me know! I think four folks busting out a 10k and completing the relay would be a lot of fun! Let’s see if we can get it done!

This is a fun race and I will be back for it. I hope you will join me! For now, we will see you at the next start line!