Outpacing Melanoma 5k After Action Report

Well this weekend was a tale of two races. Last Saturday mornings 5k might be one of my best in the last six years. This morning’s 5k was anything but one of my best.

The Outpacing Melanoma 5k occurred this morning. This was my 102nd 5k. Last Sunday’s race was number 100 and I am still miffed that I didn’t realize that until after both blogging and podcasting last week. Now I feel like the moment passed, but I will at least mention it here.

There was not a lot of suspense in this morning’s race. It took place at Corporate Woods in Overland Park, KS. If this place sounds familiar to you, it is because this is where last Sunday’s race was held as well. Same course a week apart with different results.

My daughters joined me for today’s race. Respectively I call them the “Back of the Packettes”. Pretty clever right? They both used to be big into running. As they have transitioned more into their teenage years, they both lost interest in the running world. My fifteen year old daughter now runs track at her high school, but she runs 100 meter dashes. The absolute smallest distance you are allowed to run. My twelve year old daughter is a soccer player. Good cardio, but definitely a different beast than a 5k. They both had to run this race though, as supporting the research and cure of skin cancer is something that I support wholeheartedly.

We had quite the chilly start this morning. Yesterday’s warm temps gave way to a cold front that came in overnight and knocked off about ten degrees. So a cool 50(f), 10(c) got us going this morning. Don’t forget as well that this is the midwest and in the Spring time you must deal with the wind! The wind whipped through the course this morning. It managed to hit you square in the face no matter what direction you were running in. It was relentless!

There was no question that after yesterday’s race, I did not have it this morning. I gave all I could yesterday at the Corporate Challenge 5k that there was nothing left in my tank this morning. I was mentally beaten in the first half mile of the race. Sometimes you can just tell when you don’t have the juice, and I had none this morning. Something I pride myself on though is that I have never quit a race. I like the addage “DFL>DNF>DNS”. That is Dead Friggin Last is greater than Did Not Finish is greater than Did Not Start. If I cross a starting mat, you can rest assured that I will cross the finishing mat as well.

The Outpacing Melanoma 5k though was great as usual. Cancer walks, runs, and events are always so well done. People gather not in sadness, but in love and remembrance. They are often the most uplifting 5k’s you can attend. This one was no different. I often don’t stay for post race speeches and events, but today I did. I listened to stories of those who both beat cancer, and those who lost loved ones to it. It was a moving and humbling morning. I am thankful to those who put this race on and continue the fight against cancer in all of its forms.

Next week we are just back to one race. We will be in Belton, MO for the Cass County Community Health 5k. This will actually be a new race for me. I have not done a race in Belton, MO, so I am very much looking forward to a new experience. We will have a blog recap and a new episode of the podcast next weekend! Have a great week of training everyone! Be safe and we will see you soon!