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Outpacing Melanoma 5k

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Overland Park, KS

Another year of the Outpacing Melanoma 5k in the books. Always a perfectly fine race. One of the very few races that I don’t get hot at for not having a medal. Races like this not having a medal is perfectly acceptable as they are fighting cancer. I’m good with my registration dollar going to that, and not another medal to get lost on my medal holder.

This is a race for the last few years I have done with my wife and her family. Yes, Mrs. Back of the Pack could not care less about any 5k ever. THIS ONE though is important to her and her family as they have personally lost a loved one to skin cancer. So while of course I am there representing the Back of the Pack Podcast and KC Hustle Club, I am also a proud member of Team Carolyn.

The race itself was nothing new. We all know the Corporate Woods course well. We could run it blindfolded and backwards at this point and time. There isn’t much I can add to this course. We’ve been there and done it. This year added an extra wrinkle that last year did not have. HEAT! Last year I actually remember it being on the cool side. Windy and cold. This year, the race started with high heat and high humidity. Oh the joys of running in the midwest in Spring time. You just never know what you are going to get.

I scored a top five 5k finish time for myself. It is always nice to run a faster 5k and see my lifetime average come down by a few seconds. Yes, I am that dork that keeps a spreadsheet with all my finishing times, by distance, and breaks down my numbers. It’s just what I do!

The running family was in full force at this race. Plenty of friendly faces around the start line, finish line, and course. Glad to see everyone. As for me, I ran my race, grabbed my complimentary water, and headed home for what turned out to be a fun four hours of yard work on one of the hottest days of the year (so far).

No races for a couple of weeks now for the show. This will be a very odd two weeks not getting up early on the weekend to drive all over town to run my rump off. I do have a plan for what I’ll be doing in the meantime. You’ll have to tune in to the 05-08-2023 episode of the Back of the Pack Podcast to hear all about it though!

Watch out for the heat as it appears to be heading our way. Train safe and train smart! We’ll blog at you again Labor Day weekend. We’ll be covering a new race for the show. The Bill Snyder Highway Half Marathon!


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