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Law Dog After Action Report

Another Saturday another race was completed. This week was the Gardner Police Department Law Dog 5k/10k. It was a 10k weekend for the podcast. We really lucked out on this one. It was a cloudy morning with temps in the low seventies. It was not the sauna sweat fest that we had previously endured at our last two races.

So the race had some issues. We will hit on those in this week's episode of the podcast. I don’t want to beat any one over the head here. We all know that runners safety is of the utmost importance. There were definitely some unsafe aspects of this race, but they have been acknowledged by the race organizers, so I am confident in saying that this will not be an issue next year.

I actually really liked this course. It was pretty darn flat. Flat is hard to do in these parts, but these roads around an airport are about as flat as it can get around here. There was not much by way of crowd support, so you are definitely spending some quality time along with your music or even worse…your thoughts.

I do want to mention that this will always be a race near and dear to the heart of the podcast. This was the first race in which we got to set up our very first back of the podcast tent! We had a tent and a table all set up where we could talk to other runners, give away swag, and just have a presence. It was really a lot of fun. A big thank you to any and everyone who stopped by our table to say hello! We really appreciate it!

If you listen to the podcast where we talk about this race, make sure you listen to the part about the financial aspect of Zeus the police dog. This cause is definitely something that needs further assistance even beyond the race. Make sure that you keep this cause in mind for your future donation dollar.

Despite the well-documented issues with this race, I still had a good time. I hope to be back next year for another round and another chance to help out Zeus the Police Dog and the Anderson Family that cares for him.

We got a ton of great pictures from the race, so make sure you check out the photo galleries. Have a great week everyone and we will see you at the starting stripe!


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