Lagerhead Half Marathon


This race was dedicated to the life and memory of Millie Cox. We know her as “Mighty Millie”. Millie’s battle with cancer ended on November 17th, 2022. Millie was the Honorary Rexy at this year's Rexy Run back in August. Funds from this year's race went to three year old Millie and her family. I wish there was more I could have done to honor her. I knew PR’in in her name was not an option. I am just not there in my training. I opted to run the course with a yellow (her favorite color) sash that had our message of love on it for Millie. Pictures to come.

As for the race. The only opening thoughts I had about the 2022 Lagerhead Marathon are…..BRRRRRR!!!! Great googily moogily it was cold out there! Starting temperature for the race was right at 20 degrees (f). With the wind chill it felt like much much less. It was miserably cold out there.

The race itself was not very large. Somewhere in the range of 150 people doing the half marathon. Tiny race, but thankfully it allows for the course to open up quickly. There is not a log jam of people all trying to tap dance around each other. You can get into your pace pretty quick. That is a nice thing about small field races.

This course is almost a straight line out and back. There are not any twists and turns. This course is also very flat. If you are like me and you like some down hills in which to catch your breath, you will not find many of those on this course. Straight and Flat. No other ways to describe it. The course though is beautiful. You are along tree lined trails for the majority of this race. It was quite pretty and peaceful here in the fall months. For ten miles of this race it was very calm and very peaceful. Then there’s the last three miles of this race.

After you get back off the peaceful trails, you are hit with a hard dose of reality. You come off the trails at the bottom of a highway exit where you have to dance with any cars getting off the highway. There was no police support here. To the races credit, they warn you of this. It is not a surprise. What was most infuriating was not the traffic, it was running the last three miles directly into the gusting COLD wind. The wind was howling directly in our faces for the last 5k of the race. It was unfair. It was so strong and so cold, my nose couldn’t handle it. It was running so hard, I could not breathe! It killed the last bit of my race. It was just so miserable I folded like a poker player. I just wanted to get to the finish line and to my car!

The race wasn’t perfect, but no race is. I finished at 2:52:29 which according to my race tracking spreadsheet TIES me with the KC Marathon I ran back in 2014. Not sure I’ve ever had matching times like that. Funny. Quick turnaround though. Better have the legs rested and ready for the Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day 5k coming up REAL soon! Everyone have a great week of training and we’ll see you at the starting line!