KC Corporate Challenge 5k After Action Report

Another Saturday morning gives us yet another weekend to race! We should never take these days for granted. For runners, they mean the world. It could be a race or just a long run day. It could be a solo run or a group run. You could run for the bling or for your escape from reality for however long you are pounding the pavement. Cherish these days and these runs. One day, you may not be able to do them. I am reminded of a meme I saw online a while back. It said something to the effect of “Every one of us on one day, went outside to play with our friends, never knowing it was the last day that we’d all play together.” That has always stuck with me. Value every race morning because you never know when you may have run your last race. Time, injuries, and circumstance are always working against us.

I sure hope that did not come off as too much of a downer! Use it as motivation! Because it is Saturday baby, and we are fresh off another 5k! The Kansas City Corporate Challenge 5k was our race of choice this morning and boy was it a good one!

Some crazy thunderstorms rolled through overnight. They in effect cleaned off the whole course for us! The storms and clouds blew out before the sun came up, leaving us with a beautiful sunrise run. The temperature was perfect, starting right at 60(f) and 15(c). Yes, I am putting in both temperatures for when this podcast and blog blows up and becomes world renowned! We really lucked out this morning. As I type this a mere three hours later, it is cloudy, windy, and rain is moving in. We found the holes in the weather to get in a great race!

If you are a runner in this area, then you know of the Rock the Parkway half marathon and 5k that were run earlier this month. The Corporate Challenge 5k is the exact same course as RTP. You start in front of Burns & McDonnell and start off heading south. After just a quarter of the mile heading south on Ward Parkway, you make a left turn and go to the Northbound side of Ward parkway. That is where you will do most of your running as you head north all the way to the turn around. Two big uphills await you on this route. They are definitely no fun, but when you crest the last one, you get a great downhill run all the way to the turnaround and aid station. Unfortunately after the turn around, you have to go back up the big hill that you just came down!

Back up the hill you slodge. Once you reach the top, boom, you are at mile marker two! From then, it is ALL downhill to the finish line! Yes, a full mile of downhill running to the finish line. If your pace slowed going up the hills, you can more than make up for it on the downhill. Do you want proof? Let us look at my times. This is just according to my own personal GPS. For this run, I used Map My Run by Underarmour.

Mile One: Pace 11:05

Mile Two: Pace 12:35 (darn hills)

Mile Three: Pace 10:30

Average Pace: 11:13 per mile. 35:55 total time.

For me, that is not bad, not bad at all! I am still waiting for the official results. The GPS started maybe 10 seconds before I hit the starting mat, and it probably took me 25 seconds to get it turned off after the run. My hope is that I was right at 35:30.

I get that this is not a race you can just sign up for. It is for Corporate Challenge. It is a fun race, so if you are looking to run this course, then check out the 2023 Rock the Parkway 5k. You could just get a new PR on this course! Tomorrow morning we will be back in Corporate Woods where we were just a week ago for the Outpacing Melanoma 5k. The Back of the Pack shirt will be back out there. Find it and win a prize! We’ll see you tomorrow! Thank you all! Nothing but love!