Heroes for Hospice 5k After Action Report

06/11/2022 - Another beautiful June morning for a race. Summer is almost upon us though and it was very obvious during this race. The temps are going up and the Kansas humidity was in full effect. It is just about the time of year when we go into the furnace for a few months.

This morning was about the Heroes for Hospice 5k in Overland Park, KS. This was my first time doing this particular 5k. The race field was not huge. Maybe 400 runners and walkers. The course is a hilly one. South Overland Park does have more hills than you would imagine. People think Kansas is flat. HA!

We did start our race morning with an immediate problem. An email was sent to all the runners about an hour and a half before race time. It stated that there was a problem with the porta-potty delivery. The problem was that they were never delivered! This in the running world is what we call BAD! No onsite restrooms is one of the worst things that can happen to runners. Like for serious. Many runners have their restrooming down to a science, and this throws that all off. As for me personally, I was able to use the restroom before leaving for the race, but by the time we were at the start line, I knew that my second usage was something I was going to sorely miss! Enough about this crap though. Ha! Get it?

We fire away from the start line. The first mile hosts one of the course's most difficult hills. We plug on through that hill, reach the top, get a little downhill on the back side of it, and BOOM. Mile marker one. Mile two was the worst though. A very long straightway looking directly into the sun. As I said, summer is here in my neck of the woods. That sun was draining. It was hot, humid, no shade, and just beating down on us for a mile. Once we finally turned and got it off our faces, mile marker two.

The last mile had the most ups and downs. Rolling hills the whole way. Drained from the sun and desperately needing a restroom, we finished the race back where we started it. There was not much around by way of post-race festivities and this was another race with no medals. I like medals. They make me feel accomplished, but if a race doesn’t have medals, I just assume that means more money going back to the charity they support. I am good with that. A desperate car ride, breaking many speed laws, and I am in the restroom. I mean home. I am home. Another 5k in the books.

This race is not big and it is not flashy. The shirts are basic and the medals are non-existent. This was just a nice morning of getting up, showing up, getting my work in, and going home. Nothing wrong with that at all. I saw two familiar faces out there in Larry and Cheryl. A shout out to fan of the podcast Jamie for saying hello on the course. That absolutely makes my day anytime I get to meet someone new during a race!

Next weekend we go back to doubling up the races! Saturday is the Fighting Fentanyl 5k in Shawnee, and then the Father’s Day SuperHero run in Overland Park. We’ll be back with full reports on both! Until we meet again, happy running everyone!