Head for the Cure 5k After Action Report

Whew! Who would have thought that running a 5k in August would be a little hot? Apparently not this guy!

There was a little bit of a saving grace. Before the race, some storms moved into the area. The course got a nice washing and the temps were brought down just a little bit by the wayward weather. This made for a slightly cooler but insanely humid race!

Now I am not going to lie. There are few things that can get me a little miffed at a race. One of these things is when a race does not start on time. Now I can handle a one or two minute delay. No problem. But when a race is supposed to start at 9:00am and I am not crossing the starting mat until 9:15am, it puts me in a bad mood!

It is hard to be too critical though. This is a good race for a good cause. I won’t argue that. The race director needs to keep an eye on their watch. All I’m saying. From the guy who has never had to be a race director.

The course itself is nothing of any surprise. This event took place in Corporate Woods. A course I have already run several times this year. I imagine that I could almost run this course blindfolded and run into a minimal amount of curbs.

This is a course of “if you know you know”. There is nothing new or different here. Two bad up-hills with two nice down-hills. Everything else is just the rolling hills of Corporate Woods. It is always nice being on this course though as there is no traffic. No cars to worry about and no intersections you have to scamper through while a police officer glares at the next guy in his car who doesn’t want to wait for runners and has already been waiting to cross the intersection for fifteen minutes.

This event is definitely one of the bigger events held back here. This one has been going for a while. It is nice to see all the people out there. Just make sure that if you are a runner, you get lined up in the starting shoots in front of all the Walker’s. Weaving in and out of them can be a nightmare and might double your mileage.

Thankfully this race has its own bib and a nice medal. It seems as though I was on quite the medal drought for a while. We finally had something to share on medal Monday!

The next race we will be at is the Patriots Run at the T-Mobile Campus in Overland Park on Saturday 09/10/2022. We will see you all there!