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Great Plains 10k After Action Report


Lees Summit, MO

Woohoo! I rarely get to do NEW races! When you have been running around the same time like I have for 12 years, you rarely get to run something new. This was my first time running the Great Plains 10k and by the end of this writing, you will know why it is now one of my new favorites!

The race could not have chosen a more beautiful spot to start. The swim beach at Longview Lake. As we were there waiting for the race to start, we got the most beautiful sunrise coming up over the lake. It was very pretty. The pictures attached don’t do it justice.

With this being the third and final race of the Heartland 30k series, there were a lot of the same familiar faces at the start line. A lot of Back of the Pack Podcast listeners. That of course makes me very happy! We saw the KC Cosplay runner out there, our pacer friend Amy, OG podcast supporter Mark, Will from Hope on the Hill, blue haired runner, and many more!

Once we finally got going on the race, I tried very hard to settle in on a pace. We had open roads for a while, so we all could kind of fall in where we were comfortable. We did eventually go onto a path. This was more like a trail. A nice trail though with compacted dirt. Thankfully this in no way resembled a trail race. I am not a trail racer. I will trip on a tree root and break my face! I stick to roads as much as possible!

Nothing here was extreme. No extreme ups and no extreme downs. This was just a rolling course. Rolling ups and downs over and over again. I handled these well in my opinion. I kept a good pace and handled all the ups and downs the course started to give me.

This race was on the same day that I was supposed to run the Berlin marathon. I had to defer Berlin to next year as you all know. I guess I still had that full marathon energy though. While this was not a World Marathon Major, I ran this race well. I ran this race so well that when I got home and put my finishing time on my race time tracking spreadsheet, I had to keep scrolling up and up and up to put it in order of finish time. The line that this race went on? Number One! That’s right! This race is my new PR for a 10k clocking in at a finishing time of 1:15:18. This beat my previous PR of 1:15:24 that I set back at the Leprechaun Lane 10k in 2014. That race doesn’t even exist anymore.

Not only did I complete my first Heartland 30k series, not only did I finish my first Great Plains 10k, but I got to come home with some new bling, and new PR, and a very positive race morning! Sometimes that is all we can ask for!

Our next event is the Garmin Kansas City Marathon Expo and 5k! I am so excited to meet everyone in person! Stop by our tent and say hello! There’s shirts you can buy at a discounted price and you’ll meet producer Katy and myself! We are so excited!

Have a great week of training and we’ll see you at the starting line!


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