Garmin Kansas City Marathon 5k

What a beautiful morning for a race! We lucked out for sure on this one. Saturday morning started a little chilly, but of course in the midwest, we start cold and end hot. That is just how we do in the Fall. The temperature was about 45 degrees (f) when the Full and Half Marathoners started at 7:00am. For those folks logging that distance, I would say that is about a perfect start! It warmed up a bit for us 5k and 10k’ers who started later.

I was running the 5k. It was supposed to start at 7:45am. For whatever reason though, we seemed to get delayed by about five to seven minutes. If you know me, you know that a race starting late is one of my biggest race day pet peeves. An event of this size though, I can see how it happens, so I am not going to hold it against them.

What I am going to hold against though is this. That course was LONG! Ugh! I was ready for this race. I wanted to get a new post-heart-surgery PR. I was ready for it. My training runs had me setting a new record. The course was advertised as fast and flat. Turns out that neither of those statements were true. That course was not fast or flat! It was LONG! My watch had us at 3.25 miles. Not the 3.10 that you want from a 5k. That extra .15 definitely cost me time. My watch had my 5k time at 33:56 for the equivalent of a 5k. I like how Straava gives you that information. My official finishing time was 35:03. That just left a bad taste in my mouth as I wanted to be sub 34:00.

My splits were good. 11:13 mile one, and then hit a nice negative split on mile two for a 10:54. Trust me, negative splits are not my norm. Last mile went up to 11:02 which is still negative from mile one, but not what I would have wanted. The race definitely had some rolling hill action to it. What goes up must come down and vice/versa. As we had a nice downhill coming out of the plaza, I knew we were doomed getting back to the finish line, as the only way to get there was going to be up a particularly nasty hill. I was right.

That last hill was a killer. It didn’t do any runners any favors. Once getting up the hill, it was just a flat sprint to the finish line. I remember seeing the clock over the finish line and thinking to myself WTH! I knew I ran harder than what my time was going to indicate. I also found out that I ran farther than I wanted to. No course is measured perfectly, and I know that race directors and coordinators would rather err on the side of caution and measure something longer rather than shorter. Shorter can lose a race's certification as BQ qualifier and such. Ultimately though, I consider the race a slight disappointment as I did not get the result I wanted in my official finishing time.

I did feel better though as several people confirmed to me that their running equipment measured the course long for them as well. Most people had it between 3.20-3.25. Hey, you can’t win them all right? Other than that though, it was a great day! A beautiful morning in Kansas City and another great showing for our great City to runners who came in from across the country. Next year I will be back yet again. I’ve done the Kansas City Full, Half, and 5k. Maybe next year I’ll get the 10k off my list and have this race done at every distance. Who knows. We shall see.

I am also giving thought to seeing if I could be the race's official sweeper. Having someone at the back to try and scoop up runners and get them to the finish line sounds better than just having a cop with his lights on behind you. It’s a thought. Another year of the Garmin Kansas City Marathon is in the books. One for the record books to be sure. Not because of my performance, but because of all the great new friends we made this year. It was truly a joy!

Until the next race, safe training everyone!