Four on the Fourth After Action Report

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This is a public service announcement for anyone in the MidWest right now. It’s HOT! Thank you for your time.

Oh my goodness, another race in the cooker! Today was the Four on the Fourth race. A race I have done many many times. I like that every once in a while we can get four mile races around here. There are usually four a year. It’s just something a little different than a 5k, but not the beast that a 10k can be at times.

Race morning was clocking in at almost 80 degrees with high humidity. Unlike yesterday’s race, there were no clouds to save us this time. Now we know what a Lobster in the pot feels like. Ooh, sorry, even I didn’t like that analogy. I’ll stick with it, but I apologize to all of the Lobster kind. I cannot speak for the other runners, but I was already dripping sweat before I even got to the start line.

Fair play to the folks running this race. The start appeared to go off without a hitch. It was well done. Everything seemed to go smoothly and the starting horn blew right at 7:30 am. I like it when things run on time. With the horn, the runners were off. The race starts with a great quarter-mile downhill. A very easy and smooth way to get yourself eased into a race. The vast majority of the course is part of routes already run twice this year. This is the same course as the Rock the Parkway half marathon and the Corporate Challenge 5k. A lot of races really like using Ward Parkway. I don’t blame them. It’s a nice out and back with plenty of places to have the turnaround. Has to be very easy to measure the course along this road.

As with every race in this area, hills are an issue. Fortunately for us, what goes up must come down. Every uphill is met with a downhill. Now if only every rise in degree was met with a decrease. Good Lord, it was hot. Have I mentioned that yet?

The finish line festival was fun. Although I was disheartened to see that the donut shop had closed. What is up with that? I thought Hurts Donuts was supposed to live forever?!?! The race even brought out some Cosplay Superheroes to hand out medals and greet people as they crossed the finish line. I do believe my medal was delivered to me by Supergirl. Deadpool said something to me as I walked by him, but I hadn’t turned my headphones off yet, so no clue what it was. I hope it was appropriately snarky. In true Deadpool form.

With my medal and complimentary water in hand, I took my obligatory selfie with my medal. As I stood there fumbling with my stuff, I could feel that my shorts (again, swim trunks) were dripping as if I had just emerged from a pool. Since I have still not yet entered a pool in the year 2022, I knew it could not have been that causing me to drip so heavily. I could only surmise that this was the sweat that had been taken from me over the previous four miles. Just in case I didn’t mention this earlier, it was hot.

I removed myself and headed up to my car. I drove home shirtless and sitting on a towel in my vehicle. These are both things that I do not do on the regular. That air conditioning sure felt great though!

Another race weekend is in the books. Next week is the Gardner Police Department Law Dog 10k. Going to be a HOT one, so I better start hydrating now! Everyone have a great rest of your Fourth of July, be safe, and we will see you at the starting stripe!