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Fathers Day Super Hero 5k After Action Report

What a difference a day makes. Really it is what a difference an hour makes. Saturday at the Fighting Fentanyl 5k the race started at 9:00am and it was so hot, I was ready to give up and move to Alaska. This morning at the Fathers Day SuperHero 5k, we started an hour earlier at 8:00am and the difference in temperature was noticeable!

This race has moved around a lot in its lifetime. From different names to different locations to different distances. It has been the Fathers Day four-miler, The Fathers Day Quarter Marathon, and the Fathers Day SuperHero 5k.

Now we know that there is ONE sure-fire way to draw my fire. Friggin restrooms man! If the restroom situation is bad, I am not going to be a happy camper! Today, it was bad! There were no porta-potties at the start line. Like none. There were some park restrooms nearby that they instructed us to use. Now I’m glad they at least had that, but here’s the problem. I went inside this sweat lodge. I cannot speak for the ladies, but the men’s situation was not good. Two urinals and one stall. The stall had all of ONE roll of toilet paper in it. Do you think that will last long with even a hundred runners handling their pre-race routines? I don’t think so. I was one of the fortunate early ones. The lines for the men's and women's restrooms were a mile long and getting longer the closer you got to the start of the race. I know I hammer this point home a lot, but it is crucial. The restroom situation can never be a question mark! It’s gotta be a slam dunk for the runners pre-race.

This was an interesting course. It would be wrong to call it an about and back. You started, ran a big loop, and right before you got to the finish line, you turned around and ran the whole loop back. It was odd. I didn’t mind it though. Thankfully there was a lot of shade, and no real extreme uphills or downs.

The race was decent-sized. Not too big, not too small. I think it was somewhere in the 300 range. I’d say I’ll be back to do this race again next year, but who knows what this race will look like in a year! They may decide to change the look of it again. Either way, I’m in. It’s nice to get some miles in on Father’s Day.

A Happy Father’s Day to all my fellow Dad’s out there. I hope you get your miles, get your cookout, get your rest, or get whatever it is you need to get on our special day. Enjoy the time with your families.

No race next weekend. We are resting up before the fourth of July weekend with two races on the horizon.

Be careful of the heat! The blog will be back on July 3rd after the Stars and Stripes 5k. I’d love to see some Back of the Pack shirts at this race!

Stay cool and stay safe my friends!

Be well!


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